Both Blogging and Youtube platforms are considered good for earning money and name. Many people in India are also nowadays earning a lot of money from Blogging and Youtube. And nowadays some people are working on Blogging and Youtube like a full time job. But let us tell you that this topic (Blogging vs Youtube) has always been confuse for a new learner. So today I will tell you the complete information about these two in Hindi.

So much you will also know what is Blog and Youtube Channel and how are they made. If you do not know, then after reading this article you will know about these two.

Blogging vs Youtube

If a question keeps popping up in your mind and you remain confused, what to work on. So you must read this article till the end, in this we have tried to tell all those points. Which you all should know in actuali.

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Requirement for blogging

  • Must buy Domain Name and Hosting.
  • You should have good knowledge of SEO.
  • Writing and communication skills should be good.
  • You have to work regularly.

Requirements for YouTube channel

  • You should have good knowledge of Video Editing.
  • Must have knowledge of YouTube SEO.
  • HD Video Camera (use a mobile phones)

After knowing the requirements of these two, it is known. That Youtube channel is a little easier to create. And know the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Blogging vs Youtube: advantages and disadvantages

  • If we talk about the benefits of Blogging, then the biggest advantage of this is that no one can close our blog due to their own domain name and hosting. But if anything goes wrong in Youtube, then the channel may get suspended. And soon Youtube has also deleted many people’s channels.
  • In Youtube we can use AdSense for Ads only. Whereas on Blog we can use any Ads Networks.
  • In Blogging, a direct connection is made with the reader, both the author and the reader are very close to each other. While this is rarely seen in YouTube channels. Some viewers do not even know the channel’s Admin.
  • With Blog, we can create our own Email List (Newsletter). Which can be used anytime. But no such option is given on YouTube.
  • There is not much knowledge required in Youtube while in Blogging it is necessary to have knowledge of SEO, Backlinks, Domain, Hosting and Theme etc.

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Blogging vs Youtube Which has more Earning?

AdSense is mostly used in Blog and Youtube for earning. And Earning in AdSense depends on two things –

View: Youtube has 10 to 15 times more views than Blogger. But talking about Ads View, we can place many ads on one blog page. So that its views can be 5 to 6 times from Pageview.

CPC and RPM: Blogging is better in terms of CPC (Cost Per Click) and RPM (Earning on 1000 Ads View). Because the CPC and RPM of a blog is higher than Youtube. The reason for this is that there are high CPC keywords here. We can use them well.

Blogging vs Youtube: Conclusion

Now it comes to who is the best in Blogging and Youtube and who should we choose. So I will ask you to choose the one in which you have more interest. That is, in which you do not feel bored today or in the coming time and Best is also the same. On which you can teach your Visitor something new every day.

With this, you can also use both Blogging and Youtube simultaneously. Which can prove to be more beneficial for you in the coming times. For this, you have to create Blog and Youtube channels related to the same topic. And it will have to be activated and work on it.

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Final words

Friends, we hope that now you people must have understood what is the best option in Blogging and Youtube? If you still have any suggestion, then let us know by commenting. Further, you need information about which topic. We should also tell that by writing in the comments. Thank you!

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