Friends, all of you must know about SEO, but do you people know how SEO is done, then in today’s article, you will tell people 100 such SEO tips and tricks related to SEO. Which if you use people, you can increase the SEO of your website and can bring a lot of traffic to your website.

100 Top Tricks to Improve Your SEO Of Your Website

  1. Use Video And Optimize It In Your Website
  2. Focus on User Intention
  3. Start Building Your Expertise, Authority And Trust
  4. Write User Friendly Content
  5. Customer Citations Remain Super Popular
  6. Think About SEO Before Starting You Site
  7. Manage Client Honestly
  8. Think Beyond 'Exact Match' Keywords
  9. Use Referral
  10. Select a Short Domain
  11. Search All Variations of Your Site
  12. Take a 'Mobile-First' Approach
  13. Investigate Whether AMP and PWA Are Right for You
  14. Remove Interstitials
  15. Implement Scroll Tracking on AMP
  16. Add Forms to AMP
  17. Consider PWA
  18. Use Breadcrumbs on Your Mobile Website
  19. Switch to HTTPS
  20. Canonical Tags Do Not Save Crawl Budget
  21. Keep Site Speed to 2-3 Seconds for Any Users
  22. News + BERT = Top Stories Carousels
  23. Use rel=canonical
  24. Confirm Your Pages Indexed Are Not
  25. One H1 Tag Per Page
  26. Images Add Image Alt Attributes
  27. You Can Have One Sitemap
  28. Get a Handle on Your URL Parameters
  29. Change Your Internal Links for HTTPS
  30. Check Your Redirects
  31. Using Images in Vector Format Image File
  32. Use a CDN
  33. Optimize Your Images
  34. Use Canonical Tags for Matching Products
  35. Use Dedicated Hosting
  36. Invest in Visual Search
  37. Use Structured Data
  38. Don't Allow for Spammy Links
  39. Paid Links: Beware the Wrath of Google
  40. Avoid Bad Links
  41. Don't Build Massive Amounts of Links on Directories
  42. Make Sure Your Website Has a Clear linking Structure
  43. Maintain a Healthy Link Profile
  44. Go for Quality Link
  45. Do Manual Outreach for Link Building And PR
  46. Nofollow Outbound Links
  47. Always Nofollow Links Listed in Forums or Comments
  48. Add Internal Links in Logical Places
  49. Don't Guest Post for Links
  50. Write About Topics (Not Keywords)
  51. Get Rid of Thin Content (or Rewrite it)
  52. Clean up Duplicate Content
  53. Check Your Old Content
  54. Create FAQ Pages
  55. Syndicate Your Content
  56. Repurpose Your Content
  57. Be Sure to Check Your Spelling, Grammar, and Consistency
  58. Use Tools for Content Ideas
  59. Old Content Can Potentially Hurt Your Rankings
  60. Check the Cache
  61. Write Conversationally
  62. Write Original Product Descriptions
  63. Test Your Meta Descriptions
  64. Eliminate Keyword Cannibalization
  65. Analyze Your Content
  66. Personalize the User Experience
  67. Focus on Facts & Local Guides
  68. Create Travel Guides
  69. Use Google Local Inventory Ads
  70. Collect More Reviews
  71. Optimize for Geographic Regions & User Locations
  72. Optimize for Multiple Locations
  73. Use Regional Pages
  74. Add Photos to Your Local Pages
  75. Optimize for "near me" Searches
  76. Analyze Exit Pages
  77. Add Your IP Address
  78. Watch Out for Traffic Drops
  79. Watch Out for Competitors
  80. Set up Store Visits Conversions in Google Ads
  81. GSC: Add the www & non-www Versions of Your Site
  82. GSC: Add Your Subdomains
  83. Rewrite Your Meta Descriptions
  84. Use Google Analytics Segments
  85. Create Custom Dashboards
  86. Without Insights, Data Is Just Numbers
  87. Answer Questions
  88. Use Bing Webmaster Tools
  89. Using Twitter Cards
  90. Use Facebook Open Graph Tags
  91. Don't Just Work on Your Personal Profile on Linkedin
  92. Get on Instagram
  93. Invest in Customer Service on Facebook
  94. Test & Experiment with Linkedin Ads
  95. Use Facebook Playlists
  96. Use Pinterest's Shop the Look Ads
  97. Explore Reddit
  98. Geotarget on Facebook
  99. Always Sign a Contract
  100. Be Engaged

Final word

Friends, I hope that whatever I have told tips and tricks related to SEO, you must have understood it well, if you still have any question or answer, then you can tell me by making comments. 

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