How does SMS work? What is the history of SMS?

How does SMS work?

In earlier times, it used to take weeks to get a small message from one place to another. But today’s era has changed. Now in one click, the message reaches another.

The full form of SMS is Short Message Service, as it is known by its name. This is used to send the Service Short Message. Whenever you send a message, first come Base Base, there are millions of Besh Stations in every country which are connected with Singal’s Through Mobile Phone.

The message you send reaches the Mobile Switching Server (MSS) after which it transfers the message to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC). After this, the work of searching starts i.e. Visitor Location Register (VLR) and Home Location Register (HLR) are all in it, who are aware that whether the device is in the Network Area or not, then the person has the message Will reach

If its mobile phone is closed or outside the network area, then the message reaches the Short Message Service (SMSC), which ensures that the message reaches the mobile.

What is the history of SMS?

SMS history is old, messages were earlier sent from pigeons and now were sent from mobile phones and Internet. Its form and manner have changed. Earlier it used to take months or weeks to reach a message, now in few minutes or second the message reaches its place of activity.

In 1985, Researcher worked with Friedhelm Hillebrand and his team on the Matti Makkonen messaging service. After this, the first SMS was sent in 1992 and after Nokia launched the message typing phone in 1994, the service became very popular worldwide.

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