If you are also interested in music, then you must also have heard the name of T-Series. Because T-Series is one of the most popular music company in India. In such a situation, you must also know about this music company. So that’s why today we have brought about the T-Series (complete information about the world’s largest YouTube Channel T-Series) Amazing and Interesting, so read this article till the end.

What is T-Series?

Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited does business as T-Series. T-Series is the music company of Gulshan Kumar. The Gulshan Kumar, which he founded in 1983, has been the founder of the T-Series music label as well as the producer of Bollywood movies. He is also known for his hymns and devotional songs. It is believed that T in the company’s name of T-Series means Trishul. That is, the full name of this company is Trishul Series. Because Gulshan Kumar was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and the trident is the weapon of Lord Shiva. Inspired by this, Gulshan Kumar named his company T-Series.

Initially this music company was known for Indi Pop Music and Bollywood Music Sound Track. But since 2014, T-Series has become India’s largest Music Record Label. The company is also a film production company, which is known as a music label. Which has produced many films like Street Dancer 3d, Tanhaji, Kabir Singh, Saaho, Bharat, Ashiqui and Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin. Gulshan Kumar who made his mark in the Indian music industry. He kept the top of India’s top music company T-Series on the basis of his hard work.

 About Gulshan Kumar

Gulshan Kumar was not always so successful and accomplished. Rather, he was born in an ordinary family in Delhi. And used to sell fruit juice but he was very fond of music. And he also had a good understanding of market demand. This same vision gave the T-Series a new identity: Music cassettes were not very popular in the 80s. That is why these cassettes could not reach everyone. At that time, music records were sold. Whose production was very limited. And they were also very expensive.

That is why not everyone had access to it. In comparison, cassettes used to be made at a lower price. And they were also easy to transport. That is why, understanding the need of the market, Gulshan Kumar opened a music company named T-Series in 1983. And started selling audio cassettes. By doing this, low-cost cassettes started reaching the music lovers. And Gulshan Kumar also benefited from this. But at that time the company used to sell pirated version instead of original song.

T-Series’s first sound track

The company’s first original sound track was made for the 1984 film Lallu Ram. This did not give the company any special recognition. But in 1988 a superhit movie like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak came out and its superhit song rocked. Then the T-Series, which released the sound track of this film, benefited a lot and started getting its own special identity.

Gulshan Kumar’s company started touching the heights with the film Aashiqui in 1990. The producers of this film were Gulshan Kumar and Mukesh Bhatt, the song of this film sold 20 million units. After which the T-Series also got its special place in the Indian music industry, after this the company did not look back. And kept moving towards the highs. But this journey came to an end at that time. Gulshan Kumar was murdered when he was only 41 years old. The reason for which was also attributed to his success.

After the death of Gulshan Kumar

After Gulshan Kumar left, Krishna Kumar and son Bhushan Kumar took over the T-Series. And realizing the demand of time, we have made new changes Bhushan Kumar started the youtube channel of T-Series. Which has become the most viewed and subscribed channel today.

There are many T-Series channels on YouTube which include 29 channels. In addition to the Hindi language, content in English and Spanish is also put on these channels. There are also many such channels of T-Series. In which Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Marathi and Bhojpuri languages ​​are found.

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Final words

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