Happy Nativity Feast Messages and Mother Mary Images

Happy Nativity Feast Messages and Mother Mary Images: Twitterati Extend Greetings and Wishes to Celebrate the Nativity of Mary

Happy Nativity Feast to all celebrating. The Feast of the Nativity of Virgin Mary is marked every year on September 8. It is the celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a day on which Christians East and West commemorate the birth of Mary, the Mother of God. It has been marked as early as the sixth century. Mother Mary's birth holds immense significance as she gave birth Lord Jesus and is described as "the hope of the entire world and the dawn of salvation". On this day, there are usually extravagant celebrations but this time because of the pandemic and social distancing, people are celebrating from home. People have taken to Twitter to share messages, images, wishes and greetings of Happy Feast. Virgin Mary Statue ‘Cries Tears of Blood’ in Italian Town of Carmiano, Crowds Gather to Catch a Glimpse of the ‘Miracle’ (See Pictures).
This day is also called as the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary or the Nativity of Mary. It is celebrated exactly nine months after December 8—the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. It is believed that Virgin Mary herself conceived the womb of her mother. This day is celebrated with much fanfare. Without Mary's conception and birth, Christ's own birth would not have been possible. On this significant day, people exchange messages and greetings of Happy Feast.

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