Happy New Year New You 2020 – HNY 2020 New You

Every New Year comes with new hopes and renewed vigor to bring some positive changes in life. Resolutions and self-promises are made to not let this year pass just like many others and right before you go to bed after midnight you are sure that this New Year New You will wake up in the morning.
New Year resolutions are all about reflecting on the past year, to amend mistakes you committed or your failure to keeping in balance your professional and personal life, your unending search of true love or just simplest things like ‘you didn’t drink enough water’ or most importantly and commonly your weight.

What do you understand by New Year New You

These are the moments when a catchy phrase like ‘New Year new you’ comes into your mind and you are filled with passion and confidence because why not? Everyone else is passionate and confident and you should be but what happens tomorrow or the week after.
It is no surprise that gym business is on its peak in January, people flock in gyms and you see motivated people ready to act upon their goal of staying healthy or getting in shape but what happens in February or March.
As many of us who write their New Year resolutions or set up some goals hardly fulfill them. 
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Many lose their paths in the middle owing to their busy lives or they see other people not following their resolutions or they just give up and many don’t even get to start, tired enough to get out of their comfort zones.
But few of us achieve them and these are the ones we should be looking for inspiration.
So here are some tips to renew yourself in this New Year

Best Advice to Become New You in the New Year

Happy new year 2020 new you
Here are some of the top advice you must be following:

Clear and to the point

Your goals must not be vague. You must have something clear in your mind. For example, just writing ‘be a good person next year’ won’t help you with this. You must have proper or clear goals. 

Realistic approach on New Year New You

You have to make some goals which seem realistic, don’t set the bar too high for yourself. You may follow your plan for a week or a month or so but if it hinders in your personal life or your peace of mind you may have to give up and it’s going to be just another failure.

Don’t over expect from yourself

Start by making some small changes in your lifestyle. You aren’t going to run 5 miles tomorrow morning so you can start by just waking up early in the morning or make up your mind for a bit of an exercise.

Keep reminding yourself that New Year New You

Make notes of your resolutions and put them somewhere where it is visible, like your office desk or in front of your mirror. You may not follow-up on them but it could bring some sense of regret. 
It will remember you about your unfinished business and how passionate you were while chalking them.

Start from easy to difficult

Try to focus on positive things first like if you are planning to meet up with old friends or throwing a party for your neighborhood to be more social so first do that.
 It is much easier than quitting alcohol or smoking though as you have to do something about these habits too but it is a gradual process and will take time.

 Be a part of the team because its New Year New You

Share your goals about the New Year with people closer to you and who care for you as their motivation will go a long way for you. 
You can also make some collective goals as a group it will help you keep motivated and being a part of the team will make you some sort of responsible too.

Get away from negativity

Keep your distance from people who are failing themselves and are not serious enough regarding their resolutions.
They will soon demotivate you and you will be right on the old path. It can also be a New Year resolution: staying away from negative energy.

Again be realistic

Don’t go for some risky goals, you may write them up in your resolutions while riding the tides but leaving your job for a business venture isn’t equal to staying more hydrated the next year. Your early passion on New Year resolution could land you in trouble. 

There are no shortcuts as its New Year New You

And least of all don’t find shortcuts while pursuing your goals, it may take a while and you may face hurdles but you have to be consistent. 
Finding shortcuts may show changes in a few weeks but chances are it will not be a permanent change. So a slow and steady approach is best, especially for some long term goals.
To stay happy during this time of the year, also check New Year New You memes on our site.

New Year New You Quotes

new year 2020 messages
Here are some New Year new you quotations to keep you motivated
‘What the New Year brings to you depends largely on what you bring to the New Year’
‘So positive vibes is a thing you need to bring to a New Year.’
‘This is your year to shine’
‘Remember boldness has genius, power, and magic in it’
And all you have to do is be bold in New Year, bold enough to follow your dreams.
‘A New Year and new you is just around the corner, you just have to find it’
‘You are never too old to set another goal, or dream a new dream’
Because no matter you are a student, a professional or a retired. You need to get a pen and you need to write your goals.
‘New Year starts when you jump out of your comfort zone’
Or it’s just going to be like another.
‘What if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly’
‘The New stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written’
So make it an inspiring one.
‘There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind’
‘Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right’
As many of us didn’t get this another chance to get it right but we do.


So follow the above-mentioned steps and keep yourself motivated and hopefully this New Year will be a new you ready to take the world and instead for looking for inspiration be an inspiration for others. We hope you like our article and get the guidelines you need. Keep following our website for some amazing content such as New Year Wishes And New Year Greetings.