Happy New Year Glasses for 2020

Not to be confused with the New Year Champagne Glasses, the glossy and stylish New Year’s Glasses are now an inseparable part of the New Year tradition, especially in the American and European cultures. These are special glasses that are much bigger and framed with the New Year 2020 initials for each New Year’s Eve. Since Happy New Year 2020 is coming closer, we would like to bring you some of the better glasses choices for it.
happy new year glasses 2020

In the article, we will bring you the best Happy New Year Glasses for 2020, designs, and share different craft ideas that you can use to make custom products as well. When this event is around, people with entrepreneurship mind have a great chance of making money.

New Year Glasses Use and History

The recorded history tells us that it was Richard SCLAFANI who introduced the first New Year Glasses design for the event. Since the lenses mounted for checking the eyesight have two holes in them representing the zeros in the year, this is where the creator had its inspiration. Also, since the digits like 0 and 9 have holes in them for seeing through, it seems obvious that the invention could be made during the year 1990.
Now, however, they are in common use every year on New Year’s Eve. People wear them to the New Year parties and take selfies in them to post on their social media. It has become an integral part besides wishing and greeting each other with New Year Wishes & Greetings.

New Year Glasses Availability and Safety

These glasses are very common in American and European culture. You will find them being sold on every corner of the street around the New Year’s Eve. The price of the New Year Glasses varies and the maximum recorded price at Times Square is 25 bucks which are an average cost.
Also, since the online market is one of the biggest factors in modern business, these glasses are being sold on various online stores at very good prices and in various designs. We will bring some example products from these sites for readers who are too lazy to go out to vendors and buy these hand-to-hand.
As far as the safety and comfort are concerned, they really depend on the design and material of the glasses you are buying. Make sure that you don’t buy an edgy design since it could hurt your eyes being very close to them.

Where to buy the New Year Glasses online?

If you are looking forward to ordering these glasses for New Year online, we are now bringing you a few options. These are definitely the best online stores right now so make sure that buy the required quality from there.
  1. Amazon:

It doesn’t matter which part of the World you are in, Amazon will deliver anything to your doorstep even when they are the New Year products such as New Year Glasses and bracelets. On Amazon, you can choose a pair of these glasses for yourself among the thousand designs available at different price ranges. Choose the design and price that suits you the most.
  1. Party City:

You must be familiar with the Party City online and offline stores. The franchise brings almost every necessary party product for different events such as New Year and Christmas Parties. For the Happy New Year 2020, you are in just in luck because their stock for this year has just been made available at the store and you would love to check some of the quality products from them.
  1. Walmart:

Some people prefer Walmart over any other online store and if you are one of those people, the store brings you tons of choices to buy a pair of New Year glasses for yourself. Their special New Year Eve’s edition is out now and is available at very good prices. It is time that you hit the store right now, have your pick, and order on of these for you.


So this was our complete article about the New Year Glasses, history, and availability in the offline and online market. By being creative, you can make these at your home as well. Keep visiting our site for more and a very Happy New Year 2020 to you.