Happy New Year Breaks: Where to Visit “New Year Breaks 2020”?

Nothing is more exciting than the time when you get your New Year Breaks or Vacations. This is also the time around Christmas and the whole world is celebrating happiness. If you are looking forward to celebrating and spending your New Year Break time in different countries and places then you are just in the right place.

Best New Year Breaks Destinations

We are covering a list of best and full of fun activities that you can do during your New Year Breaks. You can celebrate your New Year Breaks in the UK, Europe, Scotland, and in the USA as well. We will now cover each place separately and also different activities you can enjoy there.

New Year Breaks in the UK

If you love this country, you will love to celebrate your New Year Breaks 2020 in this region. A lot of cities of London and Manchester are much known for their New Year Celebrations. There are parties and raves going on during the Christmas and New Year seasons which are more than enough to clinch the hearts of the visitors.
Also, when you are in a city like London to celebrate your New Year Breaks, you can be on cruises and yacht parties which will bring the fun you have never experienced. However, since thousands of peoples are always looking forward to them, make sure that you do your bookings right away. Interested to watch new year fireworks and celebrations? You will find it all on New Year 2020s.
There are a lot of other places in the UK where you can enjoy different fun activities on New Year’s Eve in the UK and throughout your breaks. Here is a list of some of the top ones:
  1. The street parties of Cornwall are simply the best to enjoy
  2. The Saundersfoot Swim in the Pembrokeshire is always incredible
  3. Go to the North Somerset and enjoy the calm walk with the National Trust
  4. Reach the Isle of Skye and spot the wildlife in the Inner Hebrides
  5. The last and best thing is the sunrise at Glastonbury, Somerset
So these were some of the top activities you can be a part of during your New Year Breaks in the UK.


Afterwards the UK, we would recommend that you set Scotland as your next destination to spend your New Year Breaks. The time of Christmas and New Year is a festive season in the country and celebrating the New Year’s Eve 2020 there could be something you might have never experienced before.
If you are convinced about going to Scotland to celebrate the Happy New Year 2020, we are now going to enlist all the fun activities which you can do on the occasion of New Year in this beautiful country.

Scotland’s Street Parties are best in the World

When you are in Scotland, you will find out that no party is better than the street parties on the streets of Scotland. Even when you haven’t planned something special, just be on the streets of Scotland to enjoy the non-stop dancing, champagne, and laughter. Also, there are fireworks all around the city which give an amusing look and enhance the experience.

The Fireball Ceremony

The Fireball Ceremony in Scotland is another of the fun things which you will love enjoying in this country. To be a part of this ceremony, you will need to be on the streets and other special places during midnight. If you can learn that on short notice, you can be a part of this ceremony and show your skills with the fireballs.

The Castle Celebration

You must have heard about the Stirling Castle. Well, if you have then been there during the New Year Breaks in Scotland to enjoy the amazing fireworks, gatherings, and rounds of champagne which are all around you. There are plenty of other local events including parties and free concerts which can literally make your day.

New Year Breaks in Europe

There is nothing better than the continent of Europe when it comes to celebrating events like New Year and be happy. If you are looking forward to celebrating your New Year Breaks in Europe, here are some best places to be.

Zagreb, Croatia

When it comes to New Year Celebration and Decorations, the city of Zagreb in Croatia is the place to be. The city is fully in decoration and the parties are going on. There are stalls and open-air entertainment hubs where you can visit and enjoy amazing European food and other items.

AACHEN, Germany

The festivities and decorations in the city of Aachen in Germany are a class apart. The colors, lighting, and other events are arranged by the best event planners in the town and if you want to feel the pure European Joy, this city could be a great place to be.

Vienna, Austria

You must have heard about how cool the celebrations of New Year are in the city of Vienna in Austria. There are delicious dishes. People sell these dishes in the colorful streets which are in celebration by lighting and the amazing architecture of the city keeps adding to the beauty.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is another of the beautiful European countries which keep most of the heritage and culture of this region. Especially when you are interested in a look resembling the cities in Fairy Tales, you would want to be around in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. There are millions of visitors who visit the place every year.

Brussels, Belgium

While other places mentioned in the article might be better in parties, decorations, and food, the city of Brussels in Belgium is known for its amazing market places which looks exotic during the New Year celebrations. Also, the city provides the best ice skating and park facilities so make sure that you are there to celebrate an amazing New Year’s Eve.


So when you have gotten your New Year Breaks, you can choose between these exotic places to have a great New Year 2020. Also, don’t forget to send your loved ones the New Year Wishes and Greetings and the best of them are provided on our site. Keep visiting our website for more interesting New Year 2020 content.